Thursday, December 22, 2011

Where it all started...

I believe this is the time to continue writing about what happened since the last post, moreover, this is the month where it all started...

*continue from previous post*

I was really looking forward to start my first conversion with him, but when the moment finally come true, I am just stuck for words. I just do not know where to begin. It was difficult, as I can see he don't tend to ask many constructive question. Ok, I don't blame him. He was not as keen as I do.

SG was trying to bridge our connection, his conversation usually hover on our similarity. As I mentioned before, Latte is just not keen to know about the similarities and in fact he find it annoying.

Being stuck for words, I just ramble whatever that comes into my mind, I remembered I start with telling about myself, about my past, in fact I was continuing for non stop and I find it to be kinda wrong. Why am I exposing so much to someone I just get to know?

All I got from him was...


Every reply of his come with "Awww..."

It starts to annoy me a little, my first impression was that he must be the feminine and bitchy type!

I still remembered his profile picture on MSN, the guy with the DSLR wearing a blue polo tee. I suddenly just felt we will not get along after all and he definitely will not see anything in me.

We did talk a bit, and somehow we are talking among ourselves and ignoring SG. He complained that he is kinda annoyed with SG @.@

I do not remember how our first conversation ended, if I not mistaken he need go sleep and went offline after wishing good night. Did he even wish good night? LOL!

After that, I was complaining to SG on why he need to reply everything with "awww..."?

The first conversation was not a fruitful one. My hope on him kinda diminish. I did not continue having much thought.

Why would he like me? People like him tend to find guy like me too dull and boring for their liking...

With that, I just moved on a little from this guy and finding no reason to go online, I did not keep in touch with him for few days.

If we both ever online, I just remembered having really short question and I just went offline after receiving my answer.

Not even a goodbye i think?

Till today, this has been the evidence he hold strongly that I am the cold one who seems unapproachable!

How can that be? I always think he is the cold hearted one! He didn't even show any sign of being interested in me. He did not even ask for my Facebook add!

No major conversation, not even on New Year eve.

Until the very beginning of this year... :)


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